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Welcome To Sleep School
Whole Child Approach 

What if I told you that you could mitigate the long-term burden of your child's sleep problems with play, would you believe me?

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Newborn | Sleep | Training  

Let Us Show You How To Crush Parenting 


We are located in the Bay Area, providing virtual and in-person consults across a range of child and baby sleep modules; we offer more gentle, more respectable alternatives to Cry-It-Out so that children can feel respected.  


We are educating Prenatal and Postnatal families interested in developing a new school of thought in the absence of a village. We are interested in families that want to prioritize sleep conversations over habitual rules, empowering parents to become capable caretakers of their children. 


We are experts at aligning postpartum healing and streamlining feeding, creating a thriving triad Baby-Parent-Caretaker. We are not a fan of the sleep crying methods. We understand specific goals that are measurable and time-bound. We see challenges before they happen; we focus on particular goals that work on senses and intuition.



Mission Statement

Parenting is not an impossible mission when you have; capacity, talent, direction, routine, opportunity and grace.

My Journey to Becoming a
Baby Whisperer

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Hey There

I'm Grace Koinange

My background is in early childhood development and clinical psychology studies. I am a pediatric sleep consultant and lactation-trained newborn care specialist (NCS) and postpartum doula (PD).

I work privately as a baby concierge sleep coach, and specialize in creating capable parents while building confidence in the infant-parent paradigm.

I teach parents how to navigate all baby challenges, from breastfeeding struggles to sleep solutions, and everything in-between. 


"A child's need to explore during play, becomes the freedom to sleep."

Our superpower is connecting with your family to deepen the understanding of your child as a whole person in order to solve your sleep problems. 

We Called Our Company

Newborn| Sleep | Training 


No Judgment | No Shame | No Guilt

was too long and not SEO friendly. 


Why Newborn

By changing how interactions happen, we can help your child sleep longer stretches in the beginning and then through the night without crying. We are passionate about normalizing sleep. We want parents to have social discussions about fine-tuning sleep systems before the tidal wave. 


Why Sleep

Understanding how your child's brain develops will help you better prepare for the ups and downs. Because many factors contribute to sleep disturbances in those early childhood years, educating parents about the processes that regulate sleep will help parents stay engaged and create harmony and structure; what feels good to you is important to us. 


Why Training

Because sleep training does not equal crying, would it be fantastic to have a consultant on call? Being more sensitive to children's needs is essential in sleep shaping. We are prioritizing all areas of development to create learning goals subscribed to by the child. We are NOT prioritizing sleep overfeeding or bonding. We are just saying you can mitigate sleep deprivation early.

We don’t stop at sleep training; we provide robust support before and after sleep training.

Family Time
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Check out my Top Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Sleep Training 

The Power Of Curiosity

Babies learn and explore the world at their own pace, remaining curious about what they are learning and responding to that curiosity, looking for their answers and creating solutions. They understand how the world operates, how their body feels, and the inner workings. All the play ultimately builds sleep capabilities.

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