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About Newborn Sleep Training

“An Infant Continuously Learns. The Less We Interfere With The Natural Learning Process, The More We Can Observe How Much Infants Learn All The Time”.

 Magda Gerber

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We are a parent-centered company tailored to support parents of infants and toddlers to optimize a curated strategic program called “ The Parent Capacity Program” here, discussions such as; Sleep Plans, Newborn Routines, Body Regulation, and Toddler Self-Monitoring Strategies are our primary focus. Our main goal is to build and expand Parent Capacity while educating all caregivers in caring. 


We recognize that most parents are trying to keep up with their child's developmental needs, optimizing food, play, sleep, cognitive, and motor development while providing just enough challenge without overstimulating their child and causing parental burn-out.


Like a roadmap, our approach allows for anticipatory guidance, check-ins, and  ZOOM classes on early childhood education while transitioning to parenting until age five. We believe the parent-child relationships thrive better in environments where caretakers are nurtured. Learning can happen at any age. The program fosters a community of educators and a loving, confident, steady foundation in parenting young children.

What I do

How We Work

 RIE Parenting and Sleep Zoom Learning



( 0-5 YEARS). 

We remove the anxiety and help you recognize your parenting gaps to avoid the most common ways children are misinterpreted.  


As a certified infant specialist, I owed it to myself to learn everything there is to know about infant, toddler sleep & body regulation. I became an expert and successfully sleep-trained my son with fewer tears; now, many families can access my individualized coaching. I love learning and researching different Parenting-Children dynamics.

If you want to learn about your infant’s child and discover parenting behaviors, like secure attachment,  bonding, and specifically goal-directed approaches, these Zoom classes are for you.

IN the TWO 45 mins  ZOOM classes, you will dive into periods of sleep-appropriate methods for your child's developmental health. I walk you through creating structure. You walk away with three tips, and if you book Newborn | Sleep| Training for a consult, you will understand the scope of work - that removes all the guesswork and helps the parent cut through the confusion about the best sleep training methods.

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