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  • Grace Koinange

When I Became A Parent, Sleep Was My Number One Challenge

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Mother playing with her son
Mother playing with her son

Before I had my son, I was a fully functioning adult. I honestly had no idea sleep deprivation would be such a significant adjustment. At nine months postpartum, I felt like a zombie. "I needed sleep guidance." But, I was not ready to start what I understood then to be sleep training.

My son was still breastfeeding at night, and I was not sure how getting more sleep while continuing to breastfeed would work. The sleep techniques “cry it out” (CIO”), “Ferber Method,” or “Gradual Extinction” was the most well-known methods at the time and were used by many of my friends to overcome long-lasting sleep deprivation.​

I made it my mission to learn everything sleep related. I continued breastfeeding, became an expert, and successfully sleep-trained my son with fewer tears and less stress.

Armed with this knowledge and experience, I now support new families while researching and learning different parenting-newborn dynamics. My approach is individualized coaching; To optimize sleep, I tap into the infant’s brain concerning developmental play and parenting behaviors.

"I want parents to feel like themselves again."

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